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Following Are some Testimonials I have received in response to my work. Till this time (September 2016), I have never sought testimonials, but have received countless emails. So, now, I am going to gradually compile my testimonials and post them for your interest.

September 21, 2016

Session Topic: A Path to Exceptional Wellness

John Toomey was fantastic! Great feedback from all our staff, Managers included!  He presents very well getting the audience engaged and interested, doesn’t he!

We have never had more positive feedback, everyone really loved him. They felt his presentation was very informative and his delivery was very engaging.

John didn’t preach it, he just put the information out there for the guys to use the as they pleased. John also stayed around for an hour afterwards and had a bit of lunch and a few chats one on one, with our staff.

Everyone has been buzzing around talking about the morning since (and drinking heaps of water thanks to John!).

Our staff were really appreciative of us for organising John Toomey to present, so thanks to A Positive Move for making it happen.

Brett Lovett

General Manager

Mansfield’s Propagation Nursery