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Getting to the Guts of Fatigue!

Coffee SleepYou have probably seen the commercials on TV for products like Yakult and Inner Health Plus. Each promotes the benefits of healthy bacteria in the gut. So what does this all mean and how does it relate to fatigue.

Over the last few years, some extraordinary research has been done on this topic and it has revealed long sought answers to many baffling human ailments.

So what are gut flora. Predominantly, they are bacteria. Most of these bacteria are aerobic and beneficial to your health. They serve many functions. There is now an incredible and clear link between the health of the gut and mood. Studies done on people who ruminated obsessively over repetitive thoughts showed a relief of their condition when fed a continued diet high in healthy micro flora.

One of the challenges, particularly in modern society, is that the consumption of processed foods, food additive chemicals and antibiotics all cause significant depletion of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Many people have very low gut flora profiles and experience many associated health challenges.

A major function of gut flora is to support healthy gene expression. When the gut flora profile is below par, gene expression can be hindered. This can affect your energy level when the genes responsible for vitamin functions in your body do not function as designed. The result is that the vitamins you consume in your food don’t get used in the way they should and you experience a side effect. I may be a minor side effect or it may be significant.

This explains why some people, even though they feel they are eating ok, either experience very low energy or ongoing hunger cravings.

One of the best things any of us can do is to continually support the development and maintenance of our gut micro flora. This can be done by making your own fermented vegetables at home, or brewing your own Kombucha Tea or Water Kefir. All of these are easy to create and the benefits can be quite gob smacking.

To learn how, click on the following links:

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You will notice a big difference in how you feel. Please get in touch if you need a hand.