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Another Way of Looking at Wellness

Back in 2005, I was invited to an informal meeting that was going to change my life forever.

Background: Wellness

I first encountered the concept of Wellness in 1983. It took a while for me to really get interested and embrace it, but once I did, all manner of things happened. I created situations and meetings that kept me moving forward, exploring my viewpoints and learning more and more about what it really means for a person to be “well”

Slowly I moved further and further away from my western science training and explored Eastern philosophies and modalities, met incredible people doing incredible work, picked up incredible books and read volumes of research. As I progressed I started to see the link between happiness and peace of mind and wellness.

As the years went by I worked with Yogi’s, Shaolin Monks, Medical Doctors exploring the body’s natural capacity to heal, along with hundreds of people who defied the odds.

I realised that Wellness was far more than Diet, Exercise and Stress Management. There are so many more elements and I began to understand why some people drink and smoke all of their lives and live highly functional lives till they pass peacefully well into their 90’s.

By the late 90’s I became the “go to guy” for Wellness in Australia. I spoke at conferences, wrote courses, delivered countless interviews on radio and had many articles published in daily papers and all manner of magazines.

By the time 2005 came around, I was changing areas like Workers Compensation and Workplace Rehabilitation as we were getting organisations to start looking at the whole person, not just the injury. So things were moving.

Background: Seeking

I have been what many would call a seeker all my life. Big questions have always fascinated me, perhaps taunted me at times. Coming through a Catholic education, the lessons in scripture and the history of creation just left questions in my mind. I even remember the nuns getting a little short with me over my questions.

I suppose this created a natural curiosity that allowed me the flexibility to explore new viewpoints and listen to what people had to say. And of course, I eventually started reading all the New Age books, but still, I was just reading a collection of other people’s beliefs. The big questions still remained: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? What is life really all about?

Meeting My Waterloo:

So here I was in 2005. Busy as can be training Wellness Leaders, writing articles and delivering seminars in the corporate arena, and raising a 15 year old son on my own. And I was invited by a friend to meet a friend of hers. There was nothing else to it. Just a social meeting.

So we met and drank tea and talked for about 90 minutes. When we left and got into the car I turned to my friend and said, “Whatever she has got, I want it!” This woman had a presence about her that was so still, so calm and so easy to be with. I asked what she did and my friend told me about some courses her friend had done – a type of “self-development” she said.

I went home and looked up the courses and read about them. I was still none the wiser about what the course was but registered anyway. It was at a time in my life when I could not really afford it – both the time and the money. But it felt right so I went for it.

I arrived for the 9 day course, not really sure what I was in for. So I dived in anyway, not trying to predict or figure anything out. I was surprised because there was no charismatic dude up the front delivering powerful talks. We simply opened our books, opened the checklist and started working our way through the materials.

I realised after some time we were stepping into the workings of human consciousness via the back door and getting a handle on how it works, how it creates reality and basically the fundamentals on how consciousness functions. It was fascinating.

As the course progressed, we delved into more advanced tools and slowly got to a point where I realised my mind had given up the struggle and sat quietly while I explored. I realised I was now exploring a dimension of existence way beyond the mind.

I will never, ever forget the moment my being woke up. I had previously thought enlightenment was something reserved for monks locked away in a monastery for decades, meditating for hours a day. But no, here I was, a fully awake being.

I had never felt so happy or euphoric in my life.

As I got toward the end of the course, I realised that all of my wealth of knowledge about Wellness was a mere snapshot in a vast gallery of understanding. There was at least 60% of the Wellness equation that I was not even remotely aware of.

I now understood how and why people sabotage themselves. It was easy to see why people fail and give up in discouragement. And it was so easy to understand why big advertising is so powerful.

And as I sat quietly on the last morning, I realised something profound. I had no more questions. All of my biggest life questions had been answered, experientially.

My best work was ahead of me. So I registered immediately to do the next level of the training so that I too could deliver this course.

The Avatarâ Path

The Course I did is The Avatar Course. You can read more about it at or you can read about the creator of the materials, Harry Palmer, at Harry chose the word Avatar because it is actually a word from Ancient Sanskrit describing beings who have dedicated their lives to the awakening of humanity.

The Avatar Course presents no dogma or belief system. It is simply a powerful set of tools that you can use to unlock your consciousness.

For a Wellness Ambassador, it is an incredible tool to self-evolvement. Being an Avatar Master is a powerful string in your professional bow and gives you something extra to offer to your clients.

Avatar is a Practice and it is a Path.

As a Practice, it provides you with tools you can use daily to keep your evolution moving forward and to keep yourself closely aligned with your intuition and your moral code. Keeping your awareness high takes you to a place that is as far beyond mindfulness as the next Galaxy is beyond the moon. This opens you up to the wisdom of the ages and empowers you to make clear and wise decisions.

As a Path, Avatar has three levels. The first is The Avatar Course which is simply about you getting your own universe under your own deliberate control. One of the common outcomes of the course is a very quiet mind and a deep sense of peace.

The next level is The Master Course. This course, whilst it is about learning to deliver Avatar, is also a powerful learning in connection with The Other. It teaches you presence and gives you the skills to hold a space for another being that builds safety and trust and allows people to become more vulnerable in your presence and get more in touch with what they really need.

At that same level there is another course called The Professionals Course. It teaches presence and the intentional recreation of identity. It proofs a being against the abrasions of the world. Basically it means you can be with another person who is highly upset or agitated and whilst being totally present and emotionally available, what is going on for them does not impact on your universe. Through your presence alone you can calm another being.

The final level is The Wizard Course. One definition of Wizard is a being who travels through life with one foot in consciousness and one foot outside of consciousness. It is a deeply profound and highly aware state of being. At this level, we do work in our own universe on those things that create a ripple out into the collective. We integrate those things that create a negative ripple and new aspects that deliver a positive ripple into the collective. The tools are extraordinary.

The Mission:

The Mission of Avatar is to contribute to the Creation of an Enlightened Civilization on this Planet.

Over the years on these courses I have worked with Doctors, Lawyers, school kids, 91 year old grandmothers, Truck Drivers, Massage Therapists, corporate CEO’s, Buddhist Monks, Catholic Nuns, Rabbis, Tradesmen, Teachers, Yogis, Personal Trainers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Priests, Ministers, Nurses, Students, Academics and all manner of people from all walks of life. All of them just wanting to go beyond the immobilizing limitations of their own minds.

The Avatar Course has been around since October 1986 and it has spread organically into 80 countries and is available in 28 languages. It is a truly remarkable story in itself.

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