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Peace of Mind

Do you have Peace of Mind?

I realised some time ago that probably the thing most humans crave, more than anything else, is Peace of Mind.

I have watched people seek it. Some go traveling to foreign lands to escape the hustle of life and to seek greater clarity. Some pursue practices like Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga or even religion. Peace of Mind 3Others by a holiday home by a lake or beach, or perhaps even relocate to the coast or the mountains, seeking to escape the pressures and dramas of life.

Some even renovate their homes and create sanctuaries where they can escape and find peace.

Then there are others who drive into alcohol and all manner of drugs, both legal and illegal, trying to calm the urgency and the taunting of their mind.

But the reality is that Peace of Mind cannot be found “out there”. It can only be achieved by handling the turbulence in your consciousness that creates the agitation in your mind. Now, the causes of this turbulence may not be known or be immediately apparent, so it takes an explorer’s attitude and a degree of vulnerability to dive in and really discover what is there. None of it is bad, it is just stuff from the past.

And perhaps you have given meditation a really good go, and find you can get to a really peaceful place, only to have it disturbed as soon as you step back into life. That is normal. Meditation is extraordinary. But perhaps one of its flaws is that it is a practice invented way before the demands on a 21st century mind were ever considered.

All of what has gone on in your past is simply the raw material you will use for your own evolution, for your spiritual growth. And I use the word Spiritual broadly, meaning that part of you that is beyond your mind, that essence you sometimes feel but cannot define.

I do have peace of mind. That does not make me some sort of guru. Far from it. Perhaps I am just fortunate. But I do know how I achieved it and when I achieved it and I can share with you how you too can achieve it. Doing so might save you a lot of money on home renovations or beach side holiday homes. Who knows?

So, if you would like to learn more, fill in the field below and I will send you some reading material.

With love


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