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A New Path to Wellness – Exploring Consciousness

New PathOver the next couple of weeks I am going to post daily as there are some things I believe to be helpful that I would like to share with you. Up front, there is a course I would like to inspire you all to do. It is a course that I believe will help you in a great number of ways and dramatically expand your capabilities as a Wellness Ambassador, Leader and Coach.

Lisa and her team have given you and are giving you incredible information and tools. I like to see it that she has given you a fabulous Race Car and continues to provide you with everything you need to keep it highly tuned. She has also provided a lot of driver training.

What I wish to lead you to is an area of work on the driver that will make you one with the car, with the track and with everything associated so that your efforts create a powerful ripple across a very large domain.

Whilst I am writing information for you, I will be connecting with you intellectually. In a way this partially goes against the work I am proposing as the work is experiential, not intellectual. So let’s just say this little intellectual adventure is a starting point.

To go back to the example of a race driver, you could do a 4 year University degree and study all about Race Driving, then go onto University and do a Master’s Program and even go on to do a PhD by research. You could put a Dr. before your name and become one of the world’s leading experts, without ever having gotten behind the wheel.

I am afraid that many Self Development Programs follow this same path. Great books are written about topics like Consciousness, Awareness, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Manifesting and many related topics. The sad part is that very little changes for many people who read them.

In his Book “The Way We Came”, Harry Palmer writes that Spiritual Lessons need to be delivered experientially.

He writes, in reference to learning from the written word alone:

“A Word lesson can leave you knowing what the right choices are but still compulsively making the wrong choices. In the worst case, a word lesson leads to shame and self-loathing, rather than self-improvement.

To avoid depression and poor results, self-improvement lessons need to be conveyed experientially. They need to be understood in the context of your life, rather than in the context of a belief system. They need to be taught as skills rather than as revealed secrets. It is unlikely that you will change your life simply by reading or listening.”

My goal in these posts is to support everyone who is interested to explore beyond the thinking mind and dive into the workings of your own consciousness. By doing this, I wish to see all of you achieve your greatest potential so that together we can touch as many people as possible and start to steer this world in a better direction.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be covering the following topics:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Stress, Tension and Worry
  • Mindfulness – Technique or a Way of Being
  • More About the Mind and Attention
  • Presence Connection and Care
  • Achieving Awakened Being status as opposed to Spiritual Guru
  • Being a Calming Influence and Creating Change
  • The Next Steps

So please stay with me. I welcome you along for a fun ride.