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Creating What you Prefer

SuperSo where to from here. I guess that once we get to the point where we start to gain control over our attention and become much more aware of the hidden forces that impede it or indeed sabotage it, we can then start to direct it to what we wish to create.

As the course progresses, new tools appear to help you get your creating right.

How often have you set an affirmation and have it manifest for you? If the answer is “lots”, then that is great. How do you go teaching others to do it? If your answer is “sometimes” or “not very often”, that is ok too, because that is what you are really creating.

Now, please excuse me for being a little dogmatic in that last statement. But, here is where I feel the freedom lies. Are you prepared to explore the viewpoint that everything you experience in this life is coming from your own blueprint. Now the bottom line here is that nobody knows if that is true or not. But what would happen if you took it on as an exploration?

I feel that from this viewpoint I can truly celebrate all my wins as my own creation and gratefully explore all of my losses as a lesson. No blame.

So if I decide to create something and it doesn’t work, what happened? For example, I decide to create 10 new customers this month who are going to spend at least $5k each. The end of the month comes and I only get four. Four is all I created. Failing to create 10 is also what I created. So what stopped me? What took the juice, the power, from my affirmed belief about what I would experience?

It wasn’t wind resistance or bad luck. And it wasn’t some nasty person who was trying to make my life difficult. There was something running in my consciousness that was opposing what I wanted to create. Perhaps it was an old belief, a fixed viewpoint or some attention fixed on something else.

In this part of the training, we learn tools to handle all of this so that they decision about what we wish to create fully creates. Nothing hanging off the back of it to drag it down or sink it. Creation on full power.

From this new perspective or being the supreme creator of our own Universe, and it is very much an experiential journey, we can then go exploring to find those old things buried deep in the dark back corners of our existence that are dragging at our attention and holding us back from being who we really are. From this new perspective we can explore those things from the perspective of being the creator of those things, rather than the suffering victim.

At this point, we learn a Discreation Technique. This is an astounding tool that allows you to take on anything in your consciousness that you do not wish to experience, and instead of using your will to create over the top of it, you actually get to discreate it. Discreate means it is gone; no longer there.

For example, let’s say you have a limitation. Now, unless it is a physical limitation like paralysis, most limitations exist in consciousness. Perhaps one day we will even realise paralysis has its roots here too. Who knows?

So you decide you wish to create 10 more clients next month but your limitation is that you are shy and feel uncomfortable talking to people. Now you can either take the viewpoint that you need to work harder and get over yourself which means you become this asserted identity who is hard to talk to, or you take on the limitation, explore it deep to its roots and discreate it. When you successfully discreate, it is gone. Now, another aspect of the limitation may become apparent after that point, but you can discreate that too, and soon you are relaxed and comfortable, talking to strangers and meeting your new potential clients.

Many do not believe this can be done, but when you experience it, it is astounding.

As you move forward and continue discreating limitations, old resistances, identities, patterns and ideas, your mind goes deeply quiet and eventually your being completely awakens. It is a profound and extraordinary moment. Everyone in the room feels it.

At this moment so many things make sense, so many answers fall into place. At that moment, you understand Senna. You understand the Universe. You understand life. You understand …….

From this place you are ready to step back into the world and create as you wish. You are ready to bring your life back under your deliberate control and experience the thrill of your life and your goals with a peaceful mind and an open heart.

You will be fully in control or your own Universe. This is perhaps one of the greatest prizes of life.

Here is a little insight I picked up along the way. An Emotion is not a Feeling. An emotion is a response to a feeling. Imagine being so awake that you become fully of all of your feelings as they arise, and are able to fully experience them all the way through without having to create an emotion in response to them. And the amazing thing about this is that when I truly allow myself to fully experience a feeling, it goes, and it doesn’t come back.