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Your Next Step

So where two from here. You have completed your course and have experienced a powerful awakening. When I sat there in this place I knew that I could never go back to where I was and that I Wizardneeded to share it with others.

The way this course is delivered across the world is quite unique and incredible. When you step into the course room there is one thing you notice very early on. The materials the star of the show, not the people presenting them. So you won’t find any charismatic dude up the front telling you how life is, or how you should be living your life.

The only things one requires to qualify for the training to deliver the course is a reverence for the materials and a deep sense of care for other people.

And the next thing I realised is that the way to stay awake is to be in service to others. Keeping your attention off yourself, I found, is a good thing.

The next level of training is the Master Course. Successful completion of the Master Course sees a person licensed to deliver the course. That is a wonderful string to have in the bow of any Wellness Professional.

Perhaps more important though is what you learn at The Master course. In the first few days you learn two skills that are so profoundly live changing that it is hard to believe they could be true.

The first is an incredible tool that allows you to handle any form of discouragement and turn it into a powerful creative force.

The second is a tool that I have valued more than any other in my life. It is a skill that allows you to connect with others, and be completely and totally connected, in care, and not be impacted by any of whatever is happening for them. Further, from this presence you are able to calm another person and lovingly support them to move beyond whatever it is they may be stuck in.

In fact, using this skill you can calm an entire room and shift the consciousness within the room into a higher mode. It is really quite extraordinary.

Back in 2005, I went into a meeting with a colleague. She knew the other woman we were meeting and we sat there for about 90 minutes discussing matters. When we left the meeting and got into the car, I turned to my colleague and said, “Whatever she has got, I want it.” And that is how I discovered this work.

A few weeks back, I was at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. My brother’s son ruptured an aneurysm deep in his brain and was lying in the ICU in a coma. I went in late in the evening and sat with him for a while and massaged his feet.

As I left, I walked to the lift and noticed a woman sitting alone off to the side and she was quite distressed. I caught her attention and she said, “Is that your son?”. I told her it was my brother’s son and asked why she was here. She told me her Dad had suffered a stroke the day before and was in a coma. She was really sad and upset. So I sat with her for a while.

After some time we talked a little and I gave her my card and said I was always free if she wanted to chat. As I left and got into my car I received a text and it was from the lady I had just been with. She said, “I don’t know what you just did, but I feel really deeply calm. Thank you.”

This is a gift we can all bring to the world.

A few years back, I took a friend to the course. He had recently sold a large chain of Health Clubs and was looking for his next project. About 4 days into his course he asked if we could sit and chat for a while.

He said, “Johnny I now know what is wrong with the fitness industry. We have people walking through our front door and basically they are saying to us, ‘Please Help Me!’ All we do is stick them on a fitness program, but that might not be what they need. I feel that this is the work people need first, to help them get their own universe back under their own deliberate control.”

On July 2nd I fly to Orlando to prepare, with a huge team of Masters from around the globe for the Summer International Avatar Course. It commences on July 4th and runs till the 12th. There will be students there from over 40 countries. It is the highlight course of the year.

Whilst the course is available in 80 countries, there is something very special about this one. I would like to invite you to come and join us for an extraordinary experience.

If you would like to get more information, drop me an email at You can also read about the course at

It would be my deepest pleasure to share this work with you, and if you go on to do the Master Course, to work with you in the future as team mates, waking the world up one person at a time.

Thanks for your time this week.